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Smart city

Build a smarter city with open and safe citizen data

Sarus supports data sharing initiatives from leading cities by providing strict privacy guarantees at scale, for all analytics and data science objectives.


To become more sustainable, cities seek to leverage as much data as possible and onboard external stakeholders to build innovative applications on the data. However, most citizen data sources are impossible to anonymize (mobility, energy consumption, employment), making it almost impossible to leverage without significant privacy risks.


The city installs a Sarus instance on their secure data warehouse where all personal data is stored. Partners from utility operators, startups, academia, internal city services or even citizens can connect to Sarus to build new applications on the data without requiring full access. All insights and models are guaranteed to be anonymous.


Leading cities can now quickly and easily leverage all of their data to explore, innovate and build the cities of tomorrow, in full compliance with current data protection regulations while promoting transparency towards the public.

Cities collaborate on data with all partners without exposing citizen-level information
Cities collaborate on data with all partners without exposing citizen-level information

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