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Doing more with data safely

Sarus lets data practitioners work on data without ever accessing it. It proxies queries and enforces the highest level of privacy. Time-to-data is reduced from months to minutes with maximum data security.

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Empower every data stakeholder

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Data protection at scale

Eliminate case by case risk assessments and anonymization strategies. Easily implement data governance across all data assets.

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High performance

Create insights, build models, and ship code without dependence on engineering or compliance approvals. Leverage the  full data while still using the most common BI tools and ML libraries.

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No-hassle privacy engineering

Power your existing data workflows with the gold standard of privacy instead of implementing and maintaining complex anonymization logic for every analytics and data science need.


A better and safer alternative to anonymizing data

  • Safely leverage unaltered original data and get the highest utility
  • Leverage all data types, including text or images
  • Preserve full linkability of records
Full power


Time-to-data from months to minutes

  • Principles-based data governance that scales
  • Protection based on the gold standard of privacy: differential privacy
  • Apply privacy policy templates in one click


Works natively with the data workflows you have today

  • Deploy within your infrastructure and connect all sources
  • Compatible with all standard BI tools and python libraries
  • Access Data without building and maintaining an anonymization pipeline
One click

Anonymization, re-invented

Work on original data remotely instead of using altered, de-identified data.
With Differential Privacy at the core of all interactions, all outputs are protected against all privacy risks.
Scalable Compliance

Apply high level privacy principles across the organization so that each practitioner has the right level of access.

Synthetic Data

Do all preparatory work on high-utility synthetic data that is provided automatically for each data source.

The Sarus Gateway

Use Sarus Gateway to interact with  original data assets in a privacy-preserving manner.

ML & BI integrations

Use Sarus in your existing worklfows to connect all data sources to standard BI tools and ML libraries

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  • Can Sarus see my data?

    No, Sarus is deployed on your data infrastructure. Sarus employees never have access to the instance or the data.
  • Does working on data through the Sarus Gateway impact the quality of insights or model performance?

    No, insights or models are built using the original data, providing the maximum accuracy permitted.
  • Is Sarus compliant with data protection regulations?

    Yes! Regulations like GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA promote data minimization and anonymous information. With Sarus, minimization is paramount as data practitioners are not able to view records. Differential privacy also provides a mathematical guarantee of anonymization.
  • How can I work on data if I cannot see it?

    Data practitioners interact with data behind the Sarus gateway just like they would with a regular database.  For example, in order to browse lines, they would request synthetic data (generated with differential privacy). To query the data or train machine learning models, they send the data jobs the gateway which processes the requests on the real data for maximum utility.
  • How long does it take to get value from Sarus?

    Literally minutes! Sarus deploys natively in all clouds and, in a few clicks, data sources can be connected and private access granted to data practitioners.

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Apple has adopted and further developed a technique known in the academic world as local differential privacy to do something really exciting: gain insight into what many Apple users are doing, while helping to preserve the privacy of individual users.

Microsoft AI

Differential privacy simultaneously enables researchers and analysts to extract useful insights from datasets containing personal information and offers stronger privacy protections.

US census
US Census Bureau

2020 US Census results will be protected using differential privacy, the new gold standard in data privacy protection.

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