Analytics & Ai

Analytics & AI platform

Sarus makes privacy and security a core tenet of data platforms without adding friction.

Data scientists leverage remote data with their favorite tools (BI connector, standard python libraries, SQL). When seeing samples of data is necessary, they have access to high fidelity Synthetic Data. All data sources can be leveraged for analytics and AI projects, even when they include personal information or come from other geographic regions.

Sarus plays nicely with existing data infrastructures (public cloud or on-premises) and connects with all major databases and data warehouses.

By unlocking all data assets for Analytics and AI, data teams become more efficient, projects deliver faster and have higher success rates, and new collaboration opportunities with partners become possible.

Sarus combines a unique set of features to unlock Privacy-safe Analytics & AI platform

in action

Case study

Marketing segmentation without data access

You don’t need access to confidential customer data to build your AI-based marketing segments, here’s how!

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