Data Protection Teams

Limited resources and exploding data volumes make traditional data governance impossible to scale manually. It's time to adopt an approach that is private by design.

With Sarus, data no longer needs to be shared or transferred to be useful. It can be leveraged without being exposed thanks to the query-only interface. Query results are made compliant with the data protection objectives as defined in the privacy policy, in a fully automated fashion. It finally brings scale to data governance processes.

Because personal data is never exposed, processes are lighter, decisions more robust and new data collaboration initiatives can be made compliant instantly.

Gold standard
of data
privacy protection

Instead of sharing pseudonymous data, opt for the gold standard of protection against re-identification risk: Differential Privacy. Differential Privacy protects irrespective of auxiliary information or computing power a third party may possess today or tomorrow. If it's safe today, it will be safe in the future!

Data protection by design

You owe your patients and customers the maximum protection, this is the law! With Sarus’ query-only interface allowing to retrieve privacy-safe results, your data protection is ensured, and lawfulness of processing and impact assessments are bolstered.

Prevent data breaches

With Sarus, the data can only be processed in a way allowed by the data owner: analysts and scientists retrieve privacy-safe query results, on datasets they have been granted query access to. All queries are logged and can be audited to detect suspicious behavior and prevent data breaches.

No data

Data no longer needs to be moved to be useful. With Sarus, it can be leveraged remotely, through a query-only interface, without requiring process-heavy data transfers.

Case study

Sarus for Data Protection Teams in action

Data pooling for financial crime fighting

A novel architecture combining the confidential computing solutions from Azure and the Sarus privacy layer to pool data from different banks and safely detect fraudulous transactions.

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