Secure data workflows

Data Security Teams

With Sarus, delivering successful data projects no longer requires compromising on security. Data teams can carry out research work that consumes large amounts of data without putting it at risk.

This is achieved by a strong separation between the data source and the data practitioner: the data practitioner is never granted access to the source data. Instead, every data processing interaction goes through Sarus to make sure it complies with privacy and security objectives. Only compliant results can be extracted. But this does not get in the way of analytics and AI workflows thanks to the use of the automated rewriting of data processing jobs with Differential Privacy and the use of Synthetic Data.

It makes organizations safer and more agile, with a zero-trust mindset with regards to all data consumers. Sarus allows keeping  personal data confidential, therefore, working with external parties, consultants, or business partners on personal data is no longer out-of-reach.

Privilege minimization done right

To build insights or machine learning models, you should not require unlimited access to fine user data, the statistical results suffice. Align privileges to the minimum amount of information that is necessary.

Non-data movement to limit data breaches

Do not let data practitioner copy versions of sensitive data. All data remains in the secure infrastructure, and the processing is performed within it.

Strong auditing and logging

Every data processing job is logged and can be used for auditing. Unlike when analysts work on their own devices, everything leaves a trace for maximum security.

re-identification protection

Differential Privacy guarantees that outputs will not lead to re-identification irrespective of auxiliary information or computing power a third party may have access to.

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