Data collaboration

Secure Data Cleanroom

Sarus enables multiple parties to pool their data in a single data repository and grant query-only access so that it can be leveraged without any risk of leaking confidential data.

Direct or indirect identifiers can still be used for reconciliation. Fine-grained information is fully available for more valuable processing and analyses. No matter how sensitive the input data may be, analysts from each party will only access privacy-safe insights.

Depending on data cleanroom set-up, marketers may also be allowed to push segments of users to the trusted marketing tools without being shared with the analyst at all.

Marketers can extract insights or customer patterns with end-to-end privacy protection and full flexibility. Customers' trust is enhanced thanks to the highest privacy standards brought to the data cleanroom by Sarus.

Sarus combines a unique set of features for secure Data Cleanroom

in action

Case study

Data pooling for financial crime fighting

A novel architecture combining the confidential computing solutions from Azure and the Sarus privacy layer to pool data from different banks and safely detect fraudulous transactions.

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