Protect patient data to advance medical research

Sarus helps healthcare organizations carry out medical research or data projects faster by streamlining compliance processes.

They start research projects in a fraction of the time since the access to patient-level data is never shared. Their partners (e.g. pharmaceutical companies, research centers) can identify cohorts of interest, validate opportunities and launch research projects without having to wait for months-long compliance processes. At the same time, patients are offered the highest level of data protection.

Accelerate medical research

Sarus remote query execution approach allows for data discovery from day 1. Researchers access synthetic samples, compute first statistics on cohorts and can even carry out full research projects without having to wait for bespoke compliance and regulatory processes.

Explore and validate with test data

Granting access to personal health data is extremely challenging under most data protection regulations (e.g.: HIPAA, GDPR, or CCPA). With Sarus, researchers can access high fidelity Synthetic Data for all data assets and explore and validate the opportunity to initiate research projects without wasting time on regulatory filing, internal privacy reviews, or working with anonymization vendors.

Privacy-safe data portal for RWD

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions can expose a portal with the list of their data assets. Researchers can explore datasets, identify cohorts of interest and validate fit without needing access to patient-level data. Projects get off the ground in a tenth of the time with higher chances of success.

Enhance health-certified data warehouses

Health-certified data warehouses come with stringent governance requirements with regards to data access and risk mitigation. Thanks to Sarus, data access is the exception and not the rule. Leakage risk is reduced to the maximum, making it easier to fulfill regulatory specifications.

Reduce bias by multiplying sources

Sarus enables researchers to validate their research or AI models across multiple data sources without needing access to patient-level data. By validating across multiple hospitals, even across countries, researchers can improve accuracy and reduce biases.

Case study

Sarus for Healthcare in action

Hôpital Foch & Île-de-France
Hôpital Foch Data Challenge 2022

Make patient data securely queryable for medical research.

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