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Multi-sites Analysis

With Sarus, organizations can leverage data from multiple geographic and organizational areas. The non-movement of data principle means that all confidential information remains in the original infrastructure. Yet, its value can be extracted by the central data team or external stakeholders thanks to the remote query execution approach.

Data scientists can train and validate AI models across various subsidiaries, and boost model performance from larger datasets. Central BI teams can analyze international data through federated statistics.

Organizations embrace a data-mesh approach where each location owns their data assets as a product while removing barriers to collaboration.

Sarus combines a unique set of features
for privacy-safe Multi-sites Analysis

in action

Case study

Multi-sites Analysis demo

Query data across borders or business units without moving it with Sarus.

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Building a Confidential Data Mesh

Data Mesh architecture & Differential Privacy to democratize access to confidential data.

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