Public sector

Smarter public decisions based on data and trust

Sarus helps public bodies design data-driven public policies and improve national statistics while preserving citizen trust.

Administrations, cities or public agencies need citizen data to improve the efficiency of public policies, design transportation master plans, or energy-efficient cities. Sarus makes it possible by making all data useful for research and innovation, in a fully privacy-preserving way, enhancing citizens' trust.

Reach the highest level of data security

With Sarus, personal data is never exposed to analysts, or data scientists for their research. They only access aggregates, machine learning models, or synthetic samples, which is all they need to carry out their projects successfully. This way, public organizations bring the highest privacy and security standards to all data processing.

Accelerate digital transformation

Public institutions continuously invest to make public services more efficient and better serve their constituents. This effort often requires extensive data sources, which poses obvious privacy risks. With Sarus, these risks are mitigated, and citizens trust unimpaired.

Work with external partners in confidence

The public sector often resorts to external contractors to develop IT systems, carry out consulting work, or improve efficiency. With Sarus, those projects no longer require access to data to fulfill their objectives.

Use fake data for training, prototyping, or testing

Cities and public bodies have invested in modern data infrastructures and catalogs where personal data is stored. Many public functions require data to explore opportunities, test ideas, prototype services or even carry out training of new stakeholders. With Sarus, they do so without jeopardizing citizen data by using high fidelity Synthetic Data.

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