Sarus, Microsoft, and EY project selected by ACPR as part of PET techsprint

Sarus, Microsoft and EY were selected for the techsprint organized by the French financial supervisor

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Sarus, EY, and Microsoft's joint project has been selected by the ACPR

Our project with Microsoft and EY has been selected by the French financial supervisor(ACPR) as part of the Techsprint on data pooling for anti-money laundering detection!

We look forward to demonstrating how Sarus (YC W22) makes it secure and seamless to leverage confidential data for advanced data science applications. Demo day will be on September 13th, we look forward to showcasing how our joint offering pushes the limits of data security and efficient data science.

Happy to be surrounded by such a great batch of startups and technology leaders. Congrats Cleyrop, Cosmian, Ekimetrics, Inpher, Roseman Labs, Decentriq Privitar, TigerGraph, IBM, SCALNYX, Secretarium, FutureFlow, Snowpack, ThetaRay, Duality Technologies, TripleBlind, and Accenture too.

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