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Sarus now live on Microsoft Azure!

Sarus is just one click away on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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Sarus now available natively on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

We are very excited to announce that Sarus has officially joined the Microsoft Partner program and is available on the Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft has been a pioneer in Differential Privacy and has positioned the Azure Cloud as a leader for organizations that manage sensitive data, whether in healthcare, finance, or governmental institutions. By becoming a Microsoft Partner, Sarus makes it extremely easy for all organizations to combine velocity in data operations and data protection.

With Sarus, Azure accounts can make all their sensitive data instantly available for data analysis or machine learning. It is compatible with all datasources: SQL Server, Synapse, Blob Storage, and more. The data can be leveraged using standard BI tool (e.g PowerBI, Metabase) or directly in Python for machine learning objectives. The experience is exactly like when the data practitioners have access to all the original datasets directly, except that every insights is protected with differential privacy.

We look forward to partnering with Microsoft Azure accounts interested in privacy. The state-of-the-art of data protection is now one click away!

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