Spring ‘22 Paris Private AI Meetup

On June 8th, Sarus held an informal meetup to exchange big ideas around theory and applications of Differential Privacy

Differential Privacy
Deep Learning
Synthetic Data
Machine Learning
Nicolas Grislain

Many of the researchers and engineers that are serious about Machine Learning with Differential Privacy in France were around, from the very best academic institutions, from startups and from the industry (2 of the FANGs where represented).

After more than 3 hours of DP-SGD, practical generative models, JointExp private quantiles, effectiveness of pre-training, minimax rates of convergence under DP, Rényi Divergence, DP Gaussian process and HE with DP, 🍕 and 🍺 were well deserved.

Many thanks to all those who contributed and Agoranov for hosting the event in their offices. If you are interested in participating to the next event, please reach out to us.

About the author

Nicolas Grislain

Cofounder & CSO @ Sarus

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